Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Edible Flowers....

Today I decided to make cupcakes.... it has been at the back of my mind to make some for many many months and since a neighbor has a birthday we need to celebrate I though it would be fun to make some and decorate them with some edible flowers from my garden. I was always interested in edible flowers and on our farm in Ireland I would eat wild primrose and violets under the hedgerows of our boreen that went go through the fields...This year I sowed a ton of nasturtiums, and have borage and calendula scattered throughout my garden, these serve the purpose of both pest control, added interest of color in vegetable beds and of course as edible treats for salads, entrees and deserts


  1. Excellent idea, eat whats growing, grow what we can eat. I would like to know more about edible flowers etc. especially those native or even common invasives here in SE MI.
    Thanks for your sweet blog.

  2. You're lucky to have edible flowers in your garden. How does it taste, btw? I wanna try one of those too! =D

  3. They taste really good, especially the contrast between the spicy nasturtiums and the sweet icing on the cakes... I checked out your business online, looks really fun and I want to visit Australia sometime. I think it would be easy for you to grow edible flowers over there too if you have some space.. best wishes