Monday, October 30, 2017

Birthday party fun! -Crepe participation party!

There is nothing more joyous than teaching cooking skills to children, they are so open to learning, experimenting with food, and with tons of positive energy to boot! That was the scene that we cast last weekend at a wonderful birthday party where I taught a group of 7 girls the fundamentals of making and creating savory and sweet crepe recipes.

Prior to the event, the host and I and the birthday girl choose the following delicious combinations to create:
Smoked salmon and dill
Thin slices of cooked gourmet ham and Gruyere/Swiss cheese.
Sundried tomatoes, cheese and herbs
Strawberry and blueberry crepes with raspberry sauce
Chocolate and hazelnut praline crepes
Lemon curd and kiwi fruit crepes
As with all events, the key to success is preparation and a clear plan of execution. Whilst it was the first time that I had done a crepe participation party with this age group ( 9-10 year olds), it worked out perfectly and the group stayed pretty attentive and focused throughout the entire event. I spoke in French and played French music in the background to bring an authentic feel to the theme and the kids loved it. Many of them had studied French or Spanish in school and very quickly picked up some key words and understood a lot! The key to successful learning of a new language is immersion!
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After dividing the kids into two "teams" sweet and savory, we began by prepping all of the fillings, which involved peeling and slicing kiwi fruit, cheese and ham and then we did the fun work of preparing the sweet and savory crepe batter...

 If you would like to host a birthday party for your son and daughter and ensure a fun, engaging and educational event, please email for availability and pricing! 

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